Valentines Suprise….

We live in an area where snow is a big event. We get snow most years, although never very much at any time. Most of the time, when snow is forecasted, we are told to expect tons, and we end up with very little if any. Always a disappointment. In 2000, we were told we would be having a “non event” and might enjoy some flakes in the air. We ended up with 22-24 inches on the ground in 12 hours. And this week, we were told to expect rain. There was never any forecast of snow.

So imagine our surprise when it began sleeting about 8:30pm on the 13th. Then about 9 it changed over to snow. And in the morning, we got a call that school was cancelled because of this:


I got to stay home, although my boys had school. The snow line was right near our house. So our county had from 1-3 inches, while the very one next to us, where the boys attend school, had very little. So I had no work for the day, and did laundry and ran errands, and made a Valentine cake. I enjoyed picking the boys up from school and starting them on the evening chores. So much fun to be a SAHM for the day again.

The snow was mostly gone later that day, as it got up to 50. Only the shadiest Northern side of the house and woods still had snow on the ground Friday, and now it is all gone. But it was a very welcome treat, and holiday. A truly sweet Valentines.

[rockyou id=102736491&w=426&h=319]


2 thoughts on “Valentines Suprise….

  1. That is a lot of snow to fall in a short time. Even in the Midwest it would probably close the schools. It is fun to be snowed in for a day as long as we still have heat and electricity.

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