Easter continued….


I have had this camera for several years now. The man about the place gave it to me as a Christmas present, and I must confess, I was furious with him at the time. As a mom with no income, I rarely bought things just for pleasure or my enjoyment. I waited for Christmas time and hoped that the people around me would indulge me in yarn or scented soaps or earrings or things the daily budget wouldn’t allow. Electronics just don’t fill that bill… But in the end, it was a lovely gift, because it has captured so many happy memories. Its a Canon Elph… the second one we have had since the original purchase. Something failed with the internal computer portion of the first camera, and the company graciously offered repair, but ended¬† up upgrading and replacing when that became less feasible.

This pleased us so much that we then purchased one for our middle son for Christmas a year later. A HUGE Christmas gift for us, but one we knew he would love and enjoy. He has taken some wonderful photos with his, mostly of birds and wildlife and family. And he is beginning to teach me a thing or 2 about my own camera. Like using the macro function. I clearly enjoyed playing with that function on this trip.

Rocks at the beach with algea

We explored several parts of the North Carolina coast where we were staying. From Live Oak forests to sandy bare beaches.. we saw rocky edges and mini tide pools, and clear stretches of nothing but sand.

Coast at Fort Fisher

The weather was so chilly for the beach… we were all bundled in sweaters and coats and hats and scarves. But the sun on these rocks warmed us so nicely, we all just gathered here and enjoyed looking in the small tide pools, watching the tiny streams and pools of water..

Coast at Fort Fisher

Oldest son went everywhere with a fishing rod in his hand. Middle son alternated between camera and rod. Youngest son went everywhere with his shell bucket.


The middle son was pleased to see the birds… this plover fed in the water near us.. at first we used zoom to watch him.. but the middle son was able to quietly steal quite close and watch him at his work.

More pictures to come later. So far, I have trundled the kids off to their school, exercised, ate a nice breakfast of tea and poached eggs….washed dishes, and started laundry. Now to shower and dress, shift the laundry, run errands. So nice to be a stay at home mom for the rest of this week.


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