The weekend is here…

It is opening day at the ball park… both younger boys managed to get their games well under way before the rain started. It was one of those rains with a lot of bark, but fortunately, it moved through fairly quickly. But first, it caused the games to be called.

Then the man about the place packed up the younger 2 and headed off to boy scout camp to join the older son at Camporee. He is such a great dad.. and he will be surprised tonight to be “tapped out” as an adult for the  Order of the Arrow. Our oldest was tapped out last year… I think the boys will love to see their dad tapped out tonight.

As for me, I am home doing laundry and catching up. But after the strenuous week, and an early morning this morning (got some strength training in by 8:30… yeah me!) I am moving rather slowly.

So here are some recent highlights from my life:

New glasses

Here are new glasses for me.. and for the middle son! His first pair. He inherited my love of reading, and also my near sightedness. He has a very mild prescription, but was so fascinated by the level of detail he could suddenly see with his new specs. There has been no trouble getting him to wear them at all. Mine are the ones on top… they replace a very old wire pair, and so far, reviews have been favorable.

New counter

This is our current house project. We live in a house built in 1914… the man who built the place used timber from the land. It is only about 1800 sq. feet, and has one tiny bathroom added in the late 50s. This kitchen was also updated in the late 50s… hence the pink laminate counter and old pink oven. We replaced the pink wall oven (which only cooked at 450) in 2000 with a stand in range. And this year, we replaced the portable dishwasher that croaked with a new, quiet, energy and water efficient model. Or at least that is what it will be when finally installed. It was too tall to fit under the pink laminate, so the man about the place created a section of butcher block to go in that area. Here you see things in progress. Who knows when the dishwasher will be actually hooked up, or the cabinets finished up.

New dishwasher

A small drawer and cabinet will be next to the dishwasher, perfect for holding cookie sheets and trays.

Another view of countertop.

Felting soap

And here is the youngest, working on felting wool around a bar of soap. His teacher gave him this kit for the Christmas holidays, and we just got to it a few weeks ago. He enjoyed it very much. Not sure we got it completely right, but the soap works well all the same.

Soap felting.

Pink enamel sink

And this picture shows the pink enamel sink in the kitchen… a 50s relic I will take with me… a large double bowl, with side boards on both sides… they don’t make them like this anymore. Even if it is pink!


One thought on “The weekend is here…

  1. Love the pink. My parents fifties kitchen was mainly grey and pink with a little pale yellow and green thrown in for a gelati effect. They just had a stainless steel sink though, such wonderful coloured sinks were probably not available in Tasmania then. They did have a wonderful pink bath, handbasin and toilet though which I loved but was replaced in the seventies with something more modern.

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