A Day in the Life contribution

Check out Little Jenny Wren to see why I am doing this!

6:30 – alarm buzzer goes off – deep denial

6:50 – rise hurriedly because if I don’t, I never will. Dh gets the boys up, I shower.

7:10 – Checking in with everyone – do they have lunches, proper clothes on, bags packed; DH is making their breakfast/lunches. God, I love this man.

7:25 – Leave for work after hugs and kisses goodbye. CHilly out, so wearing new rosebud sweater and skirt, and long sleeve top underneath. Hope the school isn’t overheated.

7:30 – Arrive at my classroom door after checking my office mail box and find a favorite former student needing help. Work with him on his math, while checking emails, setting up smart board, printing off student summaries, and getting ready for day.

8:15 – Student leaves. Run to pick up copies, check in with another teacher, back to room. Get call from dh. Chat about a call to a doctor he needs to make.

8: 35 – Hall duty, first bell has rung.

8:45 – Class begins. Roll, announcements, handing back papers, checking homework, review of old material to prepare for a quiz, guided practice, surprise mini quiz to check progress.

10:20 – Bell rings, hall duty

10:25 – Begin all over as at 8:45.

11:55 – Bell rings. Say bye to students as they leave. Sit down, resist urge to pull out hair, check emails, respond to parent inquiry, eat lunch and grade miniquizzes from first 2 classes.

12:30 – Bell rings. Hand back quizzes and clear up mistakes. CHeck homework. Discuss warm- up question. Teach new lesson. Student practice. Discuss practical application of what they have learned.

2:05 – Classes over for day. Begin typing up new lesson for smartboard for Wednesday. Check that materials for Tuesday are ready and xerox. Enter grades into computer from miniquizzes and make-up work. Email all parents with reminder about progress reports. Check in with another teacher about a calculator technique. Turn in form to main office. Hunt down and drop work off for an absent student with her sibling.

3:45 – Bell rings. Student drops by for help.

4:00 – Questions answered – student leaves. Pack up belongings. Shut down computer.

4:15 – Arrive home – unusually early. Notice lovely Lady Banks roses blooming on archway. Wonder if I have time to take picture. Nope. DH is home with kids. He has leftovers warming in oven. Unpack my things, clean lunch boxes. Check in with each kid re homework/chores.

5:00 – Making sure everyone is eating. Making a practice quiz for oldest son who needs more help with algebra. Answering his questions.

5:30 – Leave with youngest for his baseball game.

5:45 – Arrive at field. Chat with other parents. Shiver in cool wind. Frost tonight!@!(ACCK!) Cheer on the youngest.

6:30 – DH and the other brothers and neighbor arrive. I leave the game to attend a parent meeting for youngest’s class.

6:50 – Arrive at parent meeting. Discuss second grade, class issues, make beeswax frogs, discuss other things inherent to private schools.

9:00 – Meeting is over. Drive to neighbor where the youngest and oldest boy are. Hate driving in the dark. Many, many deer out, so driving cautiously. Very late night for youngest. Bad!

9:40 – Finally home- shooing children to bed. DH and middle child arrive home from their game moments later. Youngest lost his by 1 point but had a nice hit. Middle won his – he had a nice double and triple hit, and struck out 5 players… considers night successful. All this info comes tumbling at me. I consider night way tooo late.

10:00 – Oldest prints off report from computer and gets to bed. Younger 2 in bed. I come back to my computer room to unwind, but AACK… it is late. Type in my day, hit publish, and head to bed.

Not exciting.. but it is what it is!


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life contribution

  1. Oh I hate parent teacher meetings, actually I don’t like any meetings when they are in the evening. I think my brain shuts off at about 8.30. Yuor husband sounds like a wonderful man

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