Some Happy Things…

Right now there is rain pattering on my roof. This is a sound that was absent all last summer and through the winter. It is amazing how one forgets the sound rain makes on a metal roof… but it is blissful just now. Our state is creeping slowly, county by county, into better shape than we were not too long ago. (See here about our drought)

The rains the past few weeks have worked miracles.

From this in October:

Empty pond

To yesterday:

Same view of pond

The water now goes all 4 acres… all the way to the end, as I try to show here:

And now more rain to add to it… It means the fish are happy, so the boys are happy, we can kayak and canoe, and enjoy our pond again. Lots of birds, like kingfishers, herons (great blue and small green) and even our osprey who travels by briefly in spring, are happy!

Speaking of birds, look what I saw from my kitchen window this week:

This little one was checking out the birdhouse.. but someone else has already made a nest there. I beleive the bluebird couple has been working on the nest.. all mossy and with a tiny swirl of dog hair where 2 tiny eggs currently lay. I have not seen this yellow bird before. It is the size of a bluebird and is not one of our goldfinches. My middle son thinks it is a prothonotary warbler. We have yet to see it again, but hope it found a home nearby!

And finally, before the lightning gets any closer with this rain storm we are having, I received a sweet award from Little Jenny Wren this past week. I enjoy her blog, because we have so much in common, in spite of being half a world apart.. and because I always learn something new . And now, as part of the award, I get to pass it along to someone else.

According to Little Jenny Wren,

“The rules for the “You Make My Day” award are to present it to those whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.”

I receive a great deal of happiness from Blogland each day. I love to look across the world to places I cannot visit and see what is going on there. I enjoy blogs about knitting, gardening, home keeping, raising children.. all sorts. And some of my favorite combine it all.

There are three blogs I check almost daily..because they bring peace and inspiration and laughter and joy to me. First is always Little Jenny Wren.

Jenny, your blog makes my day as well!

And next is Suse over at Pea Soup. She hails from Melbourne, so again, another mother, half a world away, and yet we seem to be in the same sphere of raising three boys, with Waldorf leanings, and sharing a love of handwork and beauty.

And finally, Britt-Arnhild over at her House in the Woods. She inspires me on a spiritual level. All of us, as mothers, seek beauty and joy in the everyday tasks, in our spiritual art of homemaking and life keeping. And my spirit is reminded of this, and learns much, at the House in the Woods.

So check out these strong, wonderful women and their blogs.. and have a nice week!

Award button

For Britt-Arnhild and Suse!


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