Such a busy time….

I love the month of May, but I also fight with it. At this time of year, teachers are struggling with finding the energy to make it to the end. And so are students. And yet, so much important stuff happens these last few weeks, not the least of which is seeing your students through their exams. Stressful.

It is also the time of year when things are very busy on the home front. Gardens need tending. Grass needs mowing. Baseball is in full swing. Every group/club/class has an end of year thing… picnic, potluck, ceremony.

The oldest is trying to wrap up his 8th grade project, take on all of his mowing clients and keep them happy, do the normal school work, and keep up with boy scout campouts.

The middle one has just returned from his Olympics, where he had the longest javelin and discus throw, and an honorable mention in long jump (I think). School play and baseball are eating his time now that he has returned.

The youngest has baseball, and also a class play coming up. And he is the smallest, and still needs stories and playmates and mother snuggles. And he needs it acknowledged that he is now officially 7.5.

It is hard then, to get it all done. But I am trying. Today, we raced through May Day at the school… staying long enough to enjoy the dancing. Then home to wash laundry that has piled up all week. With a stop to the grocery store on the way. Dad has shuffled boys back and forth to their mowing jobs, and back and forth to baseball. I am folding and dusting and picking up from the week, and unpacking and putting away the stuff from the guys Atlanta trip. And trying to get to the garden where things are growing, but so are the weeds!

But in just over a month, I will be home for the summer.. I am longing for that. Lazy days, and fun days, and warm days….there was Watermelon in the market today, so we came home with a large one. We usually wait until they are more in season. But I just needed a reminder today, of what is to come. It makes me both more impatient, and more calm… it is coming. I will be at the center of my family again soon, instead of just flitting in and out.

Enjoying the signs of spring around me as much as I can!

Amazingly, we have had a ton of rain this spring. And the grass shows it. We have not had to mow weekly for many, many months. In fact, we hardly mowed at all last summer, due to the drought. It is lovely to see the pond full (and covered in pollen at the moment!) and everything so green.. but the grass is growing very fast!

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