A day in my life….

Today is the day for A Day in My life.… but this day in my life is too full!

Up at 6:30… race out the door at 7:15. Tutoring student by 7:30. Meeting at 8. Class begins at 8:45… oh no… where is that lesson plan.. found it…class goes on… 11:55 bell for lunch brings more students to study for exams… students asks did I eat lunch.. no…class resumes at 12:35…rush around from 2:05 – 3:45 getting prepared for next day…Bell rings, school is out, off to committee meeting. Finish up there at 4:45 and get home by 5… sling something from freezer into oven.. come back to computer and collapse…

And all of that is just preliminary to the hugeness of this day. Because today is the day my oldest son presents his 8th grade project to his class.

A HUGE milestone for any Waldorf student…but somehow it seems larger than life when it is my own child. After all, this is the beginning of the end. The end of 8 years with the same teacher and friends. The end of middle school. The end of Waldorf. The end of the year…

So much changes next year, and becomes new, that this ending is sooo very poignant and bittersweet. I am not ready for this day. I am not ready for this time in my life. But it doesn’t matter. It has arrived. And next year, my son will be among my students, my world, my life in a new way.

Today, he begins that journey of endings.

As for the project….he built a fabulous remote controlled scale model of an airplane…from plans for a full size airplane… over the course of the last 6 months. Scaling down plans, making patterns, cutting and gluing, assembling and covering, fiddling and fixing. Learning to manage time and manage people and manage stress and manage deadlines and manage wayward materials and manage nervousness and manage parents and managing his moods.

Holy cow.. this is big.

Hard at work…

Finished plane… look how big!

Just the wing… ready to soar.

He has plans to make a website of his stuff… will let you know when it is ready, and how the first solo flight goes!

And next month, on the 14th, I will be beginning that season in my life of stay at home mom for the summer. The countdown has begun!!

Edited to add….. WOW… Love and admiration and awe for my son and his classmates and all they have accomplished. The presentations were amazing!


4 thoughts on “A day in my life….

  1. What a big day! Our 8th graders don’t have a big class project to do. However, I’m working with them on a big culminating Civil War research paper that is really stretching them.

    I’ll be sad when Hels finishes her 8th grade year as well. Do you teach at a public school?

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