A Large Under Standing….

In case you were wondering what I chose to do with my socks, here is what I decided:

  • Because of the limited time and yarn, I would complete the second sock without ripping anything out, in a contrast yarn.
  • I chose leftover jitterbug sockyarn from my other pair of socks… it had a deep blue variegation to it, there was only a tiny bit left, and it was the same type of yarn so would not complicate gauge, washing, etc.
  • I would only rip back the second toe the same amount.

So here is the result, already worn and enjoyed several times, and being washed yet again:

So, I was frugal with my time and utilized the yarn to best advantage. I think. And the results never show, unless I am going shoeless… which I need to learn not to do if I plan on my socks not needing darning every six months.

IN addition to washing these socks, there have been others on my feet recently.

Every Waldorf fifth grader sews something in the round, most of the time, socks. I have been eager to see the socks my current fifth grader had made. His older brother had made some lovely red, white and blue ones that he has sadly outgrown long ago. Imagine my surprise when my son came home with these lovely bed socks, which he made for me, instead of himself.

He knew I have big feet for a woman. My great grandmother used to say it was always nice to have a large UNDER STANDING… when referring to the 10s/11s we women wear. But here is a comparison of my new socks and my bed socks:

Too, too funny. But they are warm and soft and make great bed socks. And before long, some goof will accidentally throw them in with other laundry and they will shrink a bit…and it probably won’t hurt them one little bit.

I love that he made them for me. And I love the unusual stripe pattern and colors. And I love that he has had time in class to work on a pair of wrist warmers for himself as well. He is making a pair of Dashings.. he took the pattern into his teacher and some green wool… cannot wait to see those!

3 thoughts on “A Large Under Standing….

  1. I treasure the socks Hels made me! Thanks for your May Fair idea. I passed it on to those in charge. I’m happy that the older kids still dance the May pole. The 6th grade didn’t dance the pole this year (sounds a little funny, huh?) instead they performed a Morris Dance. I think having the 8th grade lead a procession with the pole sets the tone for the other older grades to participate.

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