June is here….

And summer arrived with it. Memorial Day weekend was glorious and 70ish and breezy and sunny and perfect. This weekend was muggy… the day heating up and getting grumpier.. reaching 90 and then boiling over into thunderstorms that did not last long, but made a lot of noise and left behind dripping trees and steaming yards. We got 4/10ths of an inch of rain this evening in just such a storm, but I bet the rain only came down for 20 minutes at most. Going out to get the laundry just now meant traipsing through wet grass and dripping trees and feeling the moisture in the air curl my hair.

But I cannot complain about rain. Rain is good. Each drop takes us farther from last year’s drought and keeps the pond filled for summer fun.

In other news, it was a hectic weekend, and it is not over.. although according to wordpress I am now typing this tomorrow. Hmmm.. must figure out how to fix my date/time thingy.

Lets see:

Grocery shopping for week.

Laundry for week, including uniforms.

Ironing for week. But plenty more left to do. Next week.

Cooking for week: one large pasta salad with our onions and broccoli; one large chicken spaghetti ala The Pioneer Woman Cooks, with our onions and broccoli added in; one large chicken salad with our onions and dill, one large tuna salad with our onion and dill – can you tell onions, dill and broccoli are coming on strong in the garden? And that we have a busy week ahead, hence the need for quick fix dinners? And that it is going to be hot, so the cooler the dinner , the better?

1 Birthday party attended.

2 Baseball practices attended.

2 Baseball games attended and won.

It was overwhelming… which led to my whinging and led to my frustration and sense of being incapable of accomplishing anything. But I took myself in hand, and plowed ahead.

And of course, middle son decided he really wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries this weekend. Sorry son.. another weekend.

However, the grocery store was selling monster berries at cheap prices… so I picked up 2 quarts and a bag of milk chocolate chips. After all, I had just been whinging about my sons not needing me/wanting to do things with me.

2 quarts strawberries – $1.50

1 bag chocolate chip – $ 2.39

Look on son’s face when I brought them home – million dollar smile

Feeling of happiness in my heart as I worked next to him in the kitchen – priceless.

Time I regretted not ironing instead – 0

So, all is well that ends well. Still not sure how to get through the week ahead – graduation of older son and all the parties/ceremonies that entails/finals to give at school/baseball tournament games – 2 for each younger son/first grade party at our home Saturday. Whew.

But I have some fun things to work on when I have a moment:

These are Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Socks in Reynolds 100% Sea Wool.. very scrumptious indeed.

Hmmm.. having some trouble uploading photos..

Trying again:

Ahh… pic of sock on lovely bench oldest made.

And a hint at another project.. more details and pics later when photo uploading not such an issue:

Can you see the little fibers in there, mixed with the wool?

See you as soon as I can.. it may be next weekend before I am back.

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