All my finals have been given…

For most of my students, it has been excellent news. One more day, where I proctor other teachers exams.. and then, 8th grade graduation for my oldest, and first grade party at my house Sat for the youngest, and then I think I can relax and let go.

Off to clean house, and make cookies for the reception tomorrow. It is a sweltering 95+ degrees today… and humid. YUCK! And I have a tick bite between my toes, and a mysterious spidery looking bite on my leg… which has grown a bit in the past 24 hours, but I think is still okay….Not painful.. just itchy, itchy, itchy. So it will be vacuum, scratch, vacuum, scratch, dust, scratch, laundry, scratch. Get the idea?

Anyway, summer, here I come!


One thought on “All my finals have been given…

  1. Glad your year is winding down, and you will be able to relax a little. I had a tick latch onto me at the back of the thigh last year, and that was an annoying spot for quite awhile, even after the tick was removed.

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