Forget – Me – Nots

When I need something sweet and special, and I need it fast, I make forget-me-nots. These take very little time to whip up, but overnight in the oven to bake. The thing is, you turn the oven off when you put them in, and let them sit there overnight. In the morning, you take them out… crispy and meringuey with chocolate surprises inside.

Between wrapping things up at my work, and then baseball tournament games, I needed to make some sweet treat for the 8th grade graduation reception. So I made forget-me-nots.

And when you are getting ready to leave the school you have attended for 10 years, Forget-Me-Nots seem appropriate.

You begin by whipping 2 egg whites to a froth, and then adding 2/3 cup sugar and beating until very stiff.

I tinted this batch purple, because that is the school color.

Once the egg whites are very stiff, you add a dash of salt, and a tsp. of vanilla or almond extract. Then you put in 1 cup of chocolate chips.

Here is the meringue pretty much ready to go.

You drop the mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets, in about Tablespoon size dollops. Sometimes we make them tiny, sometimes bigger.

You really don’t know they have chocolate chips in them until you bite into them.

While you have been working, you should heat the oven to 350 degrees. When all the trays are ready, you quickly pop them in the oven and IMMEDIATELY TURN THE OVEN OFF! FORGET NOT THIS STEP!!

I always make these in the evening, and then leave them overnight. The idea is that the meringue gets lovely, light and crispy. So it does need several hours.

I assume they were good. They were gone before I got to the table.


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