A day in my life.. Saturday, June 14th, 2007

1. Woke at 6 as the man about the place got up to get the oldest off for a 50 mile canoe trip. Lay in bed and listened to NPR on the radio. Praying for people in Iowa and the horrible flooding there.

2. Got up and grabbed a glass of water about 7 am. Did 40 minutes of strength training in my effort to get my body back in a healthier state, now that the recovery from the hysterectomy is mostly complete. Feels good to move muscles and stretch, and hope it will give me energy for my busy day.

3. Helped younger 2 children get breakfast.

4. Stripped sheets of my bed and gathered up other laundry.

5. Eat breakfast and drink more water and shower.

6. Glory at the thought that summer vacation has really begun!

7. Sit down.. check email and post this, 8:45. WORDPRESS can do nothing about the blogger stealing my stuff, so I have to wait for response from BLOGGER. They remind me I can password protect my site, and I may do that. I am careful not to give my children’s faces or too much detail, but the most worrisome part is the nature of some of the other content on that site. Basically, the person running that site seems to steal perfectly innocent and lovely blog posts from other people, and intersperses it with spammy looking stuff that I do not wish to be associated with. Hmmm… recommendations?

8. Back later today with more.


9. Been to the grocery and back, and filled up with gas on the way…3.93/gallon.

10. Picked raspberries with younger boys.

45 pm...

( These photos I took last evening about 8:45 pm.)

11. Sat down, searched for info on my blog problem…I may be the victim of web scraping.. the website that has my content has Adsense ads by google, and this may be one way they get more traffic. It appears to be a violation of the adsense policy, so I have reported it.

12. Having a middle of the day motivational longfall…overwhelmed with how much there is to do in the house, and wanting to do it all at once. So updating the blog, making a plan, and eating a coffee flavored poplick.. just because I can.

Back again later!


13. Floors vacuumed. Dishes washed and put away. Counters washed down. Groceries all put away. Bathroom floor cleaned. Sheets and towels washed and hung on line. Other washing proceeding as well. Living room picked up. Chicken in pot to boil for a chicken salad dinner. Feeling smug and satisfied as house gets tidied.

Children out in the sun playing on the slip and slide to keep cool. Thinking of making a cake with my profusion of eggs…..angel food?

Back with more later….


14. COoking… it has been a while since I had the leisure to really dabble in the kitchen. So this afternoon was spent making homemade raspberry ice cream, an almond sponge cake and an orange chiffon cake. Can you tell we have an excess of eggs at the moment? I also made a scrumptious chicken salad. Now to sit down and take a break. The small boys watched a baseball game on the telly.. an unheard of event in our home.. but it is warm, and some fires on our coast have made the air quality very iffy. Much better today, but still, I wanted them inside for a spell until the worst of the heat passed.


It is now after dinner. Clouds have rolled in…we are hoping rain will follow. A mad dash was made to the clothesline to retrieve the towels and sheets. They have been folded and put away. The hens have been put away too. A stroll around the yard to collect some summer flowers for indoors… Our magnolia is in bloom like crazy this year…

Magnolia blossoms perfuming the house.

Sweet peas, nasturtiums, lavender and larkspur. 

Lavender for drying… I will place bundles of these among the linens in the linen cupboard.

The boys are showered and heading to bed. I will curl up on the couch with a sock to knit and enjoy some British Comedy favorites: As Time Goes By, Last of the Summer Wine, Waiting for God and Kingdom are part of the Saturday night schedule on our PBS station.

It has been a lovely day.. lots of activity, but lots of pauses. Summer work and summer play. A day in my life in June.

Thanks for stopping by to share it with me!

2 thoughts on “A day in my life.. Saturday, June 14th, 2007

  1. Thanks you for sharing your day.
    Wish, you could send us some heat. It’s cold again here and raining for nearly a week
    now. Not really the summer weather we wanted.

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