Somebody thinks the pond was made just for him…

My middle son loves birds.. and this love has been nurtured by his avid bird watching teacher, as well as his avid birdwatching grandmother and great aunt, and by the rest of our family.

He got a birdbath and feeder and feed for Christmas this year, because that was on his list. He also wanted to build a bird garden.

Now, we live in the country, in a rural area, and are lucky to be surrounded by wildlife and birds of all kinds. Our entire property is a bird garden in a way.. from the red shoulder hawks, to the kingfishers and great blue heron at the pond, to the songbirds around the house. But he wanted something more specifically dedicated to birds, and it had to have a water feature.

SO we began building a small pond near our front porch. There are overhanging trees for cover, and we have planted lots of butterfly and hummingbird plants. We have the water now, and plenty of places to hang feeders.

And we have our first visitor… not the bird middle son wanted in his pond.. After all, Blynken, our family duck, has the 4 acre pond to live in. But apparently, he was looking for something more private.



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