Disgruntled.. out of sorts..not centered.. out of balance…

The first week of summer break seemed to be full of projects and accomplishments.

  • One pond, created
  • Pair of socks, darned and returned to active duty
  • Mountain of laundry ironed.
  • Raspberries picked, yummy things made.
  • Sons entertained
  • Eldest prepared for Boy Scout camp
  • Banking, grocery shopping, haircut for middle son (more like a shearing)

A busy week by all accounts.

But today I find myself sulky and overwhelmed. The pressure of only having so much time off, and wanting to use it well and wisely. The pressure of my parents coming for their first visit in years, and me wanting things to be spiffed up… some bathroom repairs, some paint touch up..

So much of what needs doing requires the skill and expertise and hulk of the man about the place… and he is swamped at work. So much so that last weekend he worked all weekend! And this weekend he will spend getting eldest to summer camp. And then the weekend after next he will take middle son to camp and be gone all week. And not long after that, we will have visitors.. which means it will be me that has to move mountains. And I do not feel qualified or in the mood.


Eldest stuff, mostly ready to go.. lots of flotsam and jetsam strewn about though in his wake.. .must get him to clean it up before they leave.. but he must come home from his lawn mowing job first.

Ironing pile… down to the stuff I am not sure I still want to wear…the pile seems endless.

I need to spend some time each week doing lessons for next fall… but my work space is a mess. And there are projects I want to work on, but my workspace is a mess…

Have yet to unpack all the stuff I brought home for the summer from my class…

Rapidly growing list of things I want to do… just how to use my time wisely without feeling like I am running a race…

Disgruntled. panicked… the longest day has been and is now gone…

Okay, new to-do list:

  • Drag oneself out of funk.. ignore kicking and screaming and whinging…just do it….

One thought on “Disgruntled.. out of sorts..not centered.. out of balance…

  1. Sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed. Can you compartmentalize your days? When I have too many projects underway, I have to set aside blocks of time for each one. When the time period is up, I move on without regret, knowing I will get back to it the next day. Can you hire someone to do the needed bathroom work? We have found that it is so much less stressful on us if we have someone come in and get the project finished, rather than trying to find bits and pieces of time to do the needed work.

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