Steiner verse that has helped me cope at various points in my life…

I have managed to get myself out of my funk, and have made lists.. for me, for the boys, for the man about the place… to manage our time and get us on top of things…

And then last night I began to clean my work area.. once it is back in order, I can work, and clear out some of the logjam of things that needs doing.

SO, as I am cleaning, I am coming across photos and postcards and things needing to go to their proper places. Some of those things are scraps of paper on which I wrote funny things my kids said or did.. and I needed a place to put them so I can throw the dust collecting paper away. So I created a separate page for those, password protected because truly, the things are only of value to me and my husband… and that is where I am storing the funnies until I can think of a better place to permanently put them.

I also came across a Steiner verse that has helped me through other periods of my life… times of true sadness as well as joy.. and which helped pull me out of my funk yesterday. On this Sunday morning, I share that with you.

Butterfly weed growing in the garden.

I bear within me peace.

Within myself I bear the forces to make me strong.

With the warmth of these forces I shall be filled with the might of my will.

I shall be saturated and I will feel how peace pours itself through all my being

when through my strivings might I strengthen myself to find peace as strength within me.

And another offering on this Sunday morning:

(Pitcher Plant in the new pond)

Before me peaceful

Behind me peaceful

Over me peaceful

Under me peaceful

All around me I am everlasting peaceful.



3 thoughts on “Steiner verse that has helped me cope at various points in my life…

  1. I love the Steiner verse and am going to copy it out. I was going to comment yesterday, but lost our connection in a quick thunder storm. I think everyone feels a big wild-eyed at this time of year–isn’t it the gesture of the season? We’re on the very outer edge of the spiral–everything is flinging outward. I felt compelled to gain control yesterday as well and cleaned the entire house by 10:30 a.m.! I’m glad you’ve gained a bit of control. Perhaps it will let you now abandon a tiny bit of it to summer 🙂

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