Hot happenings here….

We knew it was hot, but this is crazy….

…. And misleading, 🙂 . This is what happens when you place your rain gauge/indoor outdoor thermometer so that you can get an accurate rain reading. Unfortunately, it is in direct sun, on top of the air conditioner, which is blowing out hot air. We have moved it to a shaded area, where we are hoping it recovers quickly. It should be reading about 93 degrees today, as a cool spell has blown through and brought it down several degrees in the forecast, LOL!

So while it is so hot outside, what have we been up to?

Some sock knitting…..

Some crafting in my cleaned up room… this is to

cover a breaker box….a small wall hanging, using stuff I have had for years.

And then, there are always fun things to try from the internet. When we were young marrieds, expecting our first child, we lived in a small townhouse in another city. I was teaching, and we were looking for our own home. The man about the place was attending graduate school. And one day (this was in 92) he came home with the crazy idea about getting internet service. Hooking up to the WORLD WIDE WEB. I think my exact words were, Why would we want to do that?

It is difficult to imagine life without the web now. Email to keep up with distant relatives. Family websites to share photos without the expense of sending them to so many family members. And then the blogosphere…. I love the blogosphere, in part because of the great ideas and wealth of knowledge there is out there. Planning a trip.. we turn to the internet, to read up on websites and blogs about places to go and eat at, etc. We turn to the blog for special occasions.. what new food will we try to impress our guests. I have a folder on my computer called Things to try.. and there I put recipes and craft ideas and patterns I want to try. And each week, we pick one, and try it.

So this week, we tried Crash Hot Potatoes from Pioneer Woman Cooks. This recipe is similar to one we already make, but without the smashing of the potatoes. The boys love them smashed this way!

Crispy and browned, salty and herby… we have used our own rosemary, and we have used store bought dried thyme, having made this recipe more than once already. Either way, it is a hit here.

Here they are, ready to bake. You can visit Pioneer Woman’s site for better pictures.. but this is evidence that mere mortals can make them as well. And here they are ready to eat:

Now, I do have lovely old fashioned potato smashers, hanging on my wall.. but I would have to wash the dust off of them to use them. So I have been using the bottom of a glass. The result is that there is some floor clean-up as well. Guess it is time to wash the dust off the mashers…

But at least this way, the rugs get shaken out!

Anyway, what have you tried from the internet?

2 thoughts on “Hot happenings here….

  1. I’ve recently discovered, where I type in a food that I need to use up (most recently, buttermilk), and it gives me several recipes to try. There are reviews from those who have tried the recipe, and suggestions for changes.

  2. The best thing for me is the free knitting and craft patterns. I’ve tried a couple of things from Knitty and of course love trawling Ravelry to plan my projects!

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