Catch Up post II – Bathroom reno….

So we are pretty nearly done with what we planned to do. We used a colored grout (“Linen”) for the floor.. the trend is toward colored grouts, so they don’t get all grimy looking. But frankly, some of them are so dark they look like they started grimey. But the man about the place did not want white grout (WHY? It’s not like he cleans it.) And I decided to be flexible.. but I did not want anything grey. I think this color looks nice, and goes with the stripe in the shower curtain. It also matches the counter on the sink…

Baseboards will be the last step.. they need cleaning and repainting. Maybe when everyone returns from Boy Scout camp.

We all really like the blue color. It may not exactly go with the 50s green of the tub, but we will have to just cope with that. It would be too much work to replace the tub, and they no longer make them this large and strong.

So we can now flush… YEAH! And the place feels cleaner and prettier than before. The tiles were on sale.. and it only took 2 boxes plus a couple to do this floor.. about 25 dollars total for tile. The paint was rebated at Home Depot, and only took a gallon. The toilet wasn’t too much either. So lots of satisfaction, without a lot of cost.


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