Catching up, post I – What I made from the internet last week..

Evening thunderstorms have curtailed my postings, so I shall post this morning, before I get to my days work.

This is my post about what I tried from the internet this past week. Each week I plan to try something new I read about from another blog and post about it. The wealth of information out there, for free, is overwhelming and generous. I love trying new things, and when that is coupled with a lovely tutorial on how it is done, it is hard to resist.

This week comes from the same source as last week. My middle son loves to cook and so we have been sharing that love while I am on vacation. We tried 2 things from The Pioneer Woman this week… and here are the results.

The first recipe I tried was her favorite salad. We have had a hot week, although not the hottest..but everyone was wanting cool suppers, and I was wanting not to be cooking over the stove. So this was an easy to assemble salad, with lots of healthy ingredients that can be easily grown in backyard gardens, it is customizable to various likes and dislikes, and it is a very hearty, complete meal.

You should click on this link to see some very nice photos and complete tutorial: Favorite Salad

And here is how our version went:

1) The dressing is absolutely scrumptious. I love that asian flavor, and it really penetrated the noodles nicely. After I cooked my noodles, I did pour on a small bit of the dressing to keep them from sticking while they cooled. I only used one jalepeno, without the seeds, because the man about the place has crohn’s disease and cannot tolerate things that are too spicy. The dressing had a mild hint of a kick, without a real kick. If I were making it for me, I would have gone for the second jalepeno.

Here are some of the greens chopped up and drying. I chopped and washed early in the day, covered it with a cloth, and let it air dry. We used the napa cabbage, the red cabbage, and some romaine..but not the spinach. Unfortunately, it is too hot for greens here now, so none of this is from my yard, but I did add onions from my garden.. yumm.

We did have fresh cucumbers, and next time, I would use even more. They really tasted nice with the dressing.

I ended up with way more greens than I think supported the amount of dressing made…next time I would cut down on that a smidge. The nice thing about the salad is that it had something that everyone liked and made it worth eating, even if it also had stuff some children did not like. My middle son is not fond of the cilantro, but was able to eat healthy portions in spite of it all. And neither boy that was home to eat the salad commented on the cabbage, which they refuse to eat otherwise. The man about the place loved it, although again, I must make it in smaller quantity so we do not have to eat it for several meals…too much cabbage is tough on the crohn’s as well. (Also, blueberries are coming off our bushes in droves, and he has not resisted eating those.. so cabbage plus berries..not great combo for crohn’s)

Our second recipe held high hopes for me. My oldest son, who is currently away at camp, has the metabolism of a hummingbird, and needs to be fatted up – not a typical American issue. The ped wants us to feed him butter and cream in his scrambled eggs, etc. Well, he feels there are only so many days a week he can eat scrambled eggs.. so I am trying to find some easy, higher calorie. hi protein recipes I can have during the school year. And wouldn’t it be great if the middle son, who won’t touch eggs, would eat it as well?

The Sleepin in Omelette seemed to be the answer.

Now, I had read in several places from people that tried it, that the amount of butter could be cut back. So I only used most of 1 stick of butter, not the 1.5 she recommended, or the 2 originally called for. I also use low fat cream cheese, and the butter I used was a Smart Balance blend for baking, rather than full on fat butter. The reason I did that was because the son that needs the calories is at Boy Scout camp. I wanted to test run this on the rest of the family first. Because this would be a lot to make for just him.

The man about the place and I loved it. It was quite nice. The middle son could not get past the idea that there were eggs in it. It did not taste eggy.. it was cheesy and good. But he would only eat his three “no thank you bites” and then refuse to eat more. So that was a bummer. The youngest cannot eat dairy at all, so we knew he would be out of the picture. But I do think the eldest will like it. It takes 10 eggs, which we have plenty of at this time of year. And it does reheat well the next day. So I think I will make it once more when the eldest is home.. at least he and his father can eat it during the week.

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