Keeping busy while the house is empty….

The youngest and I have been on our own this week, and we have mostly been working outside. Nighttime thunderstorms mean the ground is soft and the weeds can finally be pulled. The rains are most welcome, and they have plumped up our blackberries something extraordinary.

One dirt stained fingernail, to show size of our berries this year, with all the rain.

A quick walk through the blackberry patch yields this:

Such a contrast to the low yield and small berries last year.

This is our herb garden… such a mess of dill and weeds and everything else buried beneath. Several hours of hard work, and we had this:

We have pulled the weeds and mulched everything. We cut back the leggy bits, and removed the dill. We planted some new thyme plants and parsley plants. We added the old toilet tank as a bit of a joke. Since this photo we have filled it with soil and planted our peppermint in there. Usually the peppermint and spearmint are kept in pots so they do not take over the garden. Now they are in the tank, along with a bright pink Vinca. We have also begin a wattle fence to surround the garden. We are hoping this will help keep the chickens out of the garden, without having to resort to the giant orange fencing we had there before. I have a stand of willow on one edge of the property, and we are using that.

The longest branches have been cut to weave in and out. More pictures to follow as we get it complete!

In between loosing teeth, the youngest and I have also been weeding the beans and cucumbers and onions. The first set of onions are out of the ground and drying. The tomatoes and raspberry canes have been propped and staked… lots of lovely looking tomatoes ready to ripen. We picked, blanched and froze a couple of quarts of wax beans yesterday, and I suspect we will be able to pick another round tomorrow. And several perfect cucumbers have been picked.. and I even consumed one then and there, raw and lovely.

It is lovely to have the fresh produce..but always so time consuming to pick and wash and process… keeping us very busy!


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