If it is the 14th, it must be “A DAY IN MY LIFE” time…

(A day in the life info here at Little Jenny Wren. I need to figure out how to do the little badge thingy….hmmmm)

Figured out I think!

It is early in the day here, so check back in for updates (Eastern standard time, USA – UPDATE DONE!)

We woke to rainy weather, after a blistering weekend. The activities of the weekend, and the rain, have us all moving a bit slowly.

(We have a family game we like to play… everyone wants to be the first one to shout to the rest “Drought’s Over” when we hear the rain hitting the roof. If the rain pauses for half an hour or so, and then begins again, “Droughts Over” can be shouted again. Usually, we do something like this “Hey _____, guess what? Drought’s Over!” It amuses us all no end. We actually began it when our youngest was quite small, and we had a particularly rainy couple of weeks… it rained and rained and rained. The man about the place and I were being particularly silly about the rain. However, last summer, as a real drought gripped our area, it took on a whole new meaning when we could finally shout “Drought’s over!”)


Animal chores of feeding chickens and dogs carried on, in spite of the rain.

I have had my breakfast of yogurt, raisin toast, and some blueberries from our bushes. I did not eat the entire contents of that basket… just about 1/2 cup. 🙂

The chimney sweep is coming to clean the chimney at 10 am… so we must get ready for him. During the burning season, we just put our paper trash into the wood stove so it can be easily lit the next time we need a fire. Usually this means that there is a stove full of paper left since the last fire, and we try to remember to burn it off before summer gets here… but this time we forgot. So I had to burn off the paper this morning. I am sure a little smoke went up the chimney, which always worries our neighbor across the way. Usually she calls when she sees smoke when she thinks there shouldn’t be smoke. But no call this morning. Maybe the rain made it hard to see.

Now, what is on the list for the rest of today?

1) Reflect on how our SUNDAY FREE went. (click here for explanation) Sunday Free went well this week. We did not drive anywhere. We ate cold salads for dinner. We did not run the air conditioner. One reason we did not run the air conditioner was because we were painting the outside doors…

This is the front door. We also (I say we, but it was mainly me) did both side doors. The hot sun and many years had reduced the door paint to shreds, so it was time for a nice new protective coat.

2. Oldest son to ortho.

3. Clean out bathroom cabinet.. Actually, it has been cleaned out, but the stuff is still all over the hall. Put back and reorganize is more like it. (DID NOT GET DONE)

4. Begin making lists of things needing doing before the grandparents and great grandmother arrive from Texas on Friday.

5. Hmmm… who knows what else. You will have to visit again later to see how it all turned out.

Anyway, because the day has started off with a slow heavy feeling, and the front that has come through with this rain has given me a headache, I started the day with a spritz. Something about summer time always makes me think of floral fragrance. I am not really a perfume kind of gal, except in the hottest part of summer. I keep this lilac body spray, and another one of lavender, in the fridge….and when I am cross or blue or hot in the summer, I spritz the cold scent on me… and it works magic. I also sometimes spray it on the light bulbs.. that way, when the light is turned on, a lovely scent fills the room, but not overpowering and cloying.. just a light hint of lavender or lilac!

10 am… chimney sweep on his way. I will go make my morning tea and wait. See you later in the day!

Other half of the day:

1. Chimney cleaned and sweeps left. All three sons dispatched to collect produce from the garden when rain stopped.

(Oldest, picking blueberries… the days haul from the garden: 4 cups blackberries, 12 cups blueberries, 4 largish cucumbers, and a quart of wax beans, some of which is pictured above. Wax beans blanched and frozen, berries frozen, cucumbers turned into tzatziki sauce.)

2. Orthodontist visited and newfangled wires added to mouth metal. Grocery shop on way home. Forgot own bags…..arghhh.

3. Ironing done.

4. Dinner made and served at 6. Boys dispatched to various yard jobs and animal chores.

5. Baking begun for family visit at end of week. Making my Nana’s cream cheese cookies, blogged about here.

Here it is, 9:30, and I am bushed. A good book and some chamomile tea are on order.

Good night!


3 thoughts on “If it is the 14th, it must be “A DAY IN MY LIFE” time…

  1. Oh your breakfast looks like my breakfast. I love raisin toast! Our blueberries here in Maine are yet ready but soon, soon! We also need rain but have had only the promise of rain.

    Oh and how did you get the bloggy button on???? I keep trying but to no avail. Jan

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