Week at a glance….

Busy week here. Every surface has been dusted and cleaned, sometimes more than once. We have family arriving any moment now, so we have been getting ready.

Projects have been finished. My ‘cover up the breaker box wall hanging” has been finished and hung.

It is a smallish hall, so taking a picture was tough. But you can see in the mirror that hangs opposite how it looks.

The tea cart has also had a cleanup and spruce up:

I painted the removable trays with leftover paint from the bathroom cabinet, and then padded their bottoms with batting and fabric from my stash. The entire thing folds flat should I want to store it, but for this week will be useful for snacks on the front porch.

My stash cupboard also got a fresh coat of the same paint.

In addition, the house looks so lovely and shiny. We have rearranged the furniture to accommodate a wheelchair. We like it so much, we may leave it this way.

We have all been up since dawn, way before the visitors could be expected…nine cups of blackberries have been picked by excited small boys and tall ones as well…

And I have made our favorite version of brownies, in honor of one of our guests, who first taught me to cook (and sew, and quilt).

These are Andes mint brownies. First, you make your favorite brownie recipe.. ours has walnuts in it. Then, immediately after you pull them out of the oven, you begin to unwrap and place Andes thin mints on the surface:

Here are the first few, placed randomly on top.

Any sort of thin minty chocolate will do, but we use Andes. We cover the top with an entire package.

Once they are all on the top, they have become quite soft, and you can gently spread them out, making a thin layer of minty icing.

Once the chocolate has been spread around, the brownies are left to cool. The chocolate will then harden back up. My grandmother, who will arrive any time now, would keep a batch of these in the freezer, individually cut up already. At the end of a busy day, with the late evening news, she would serve them to us with a small glass of coke… frozen and lovely, in the Texas heat. Here at my home, they rarely survive long enough to make them to the fridge. I plan to serve them this afternoon as a treat, with a small glass of coke… or tea or whatever they fancy, as a way to remember those lovely days of my youth!

Have a good weekend. The family will be here until late next week, so I suspect I shall be scarce! 🙂


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