Helter skelter….

Relatives are like fish.. after 5 days they need to be thrown out….

Or, as a saying in our family goes: a gaggle of geese, a flock of sheep, a HASSLE of relatives….

We did enjoy having my family here. But with my mom in a wheel chair, and my 87 year old grandmother… it was a lot of cooking and cleaning and adjusting of schedules…sleeping on the floor and keeping kids compliant. Fun, but glad it is over.

Sheets have been washed and hung, gardens have been gotten back to, and life has resumed its breakneck pace as we begin to see summer running out. Only about a month before I go back to work, and lots needs to be done during that time.

First though, there is a garden that needs daily work. Here is a peek at today’s gathering:

This is the tiniest corn.. something went wrong. I am sure it will taste fine, but the ears are sure tiny!!

More beets and onions.

The last of the brussel sprouts.

More cukes… these are in addition to the ones lined up on the counter in the earlier picture.

We have some lovely large heirloom tomatoes coming on, along with romas and cherry tomatoes. We also have a groundhog… so we are picking them slightly under ripe and letting them finish off on the counter.

A few potatoes.

Our youngest planted lots of sunflowers, and they have been gorgeous.. although they do shed lots of pollen on the table. They are in many different shades… I love the lemon colored ones best. These grow on large stalks, but there are 10 or 15 flowers per stalk. We also have some mammoth flowers with enormous seeds, mostly for the birds this fall.

And we are still picking blackberries and blueberries each day. This is the second blackberry pie for the week. Pure taste of summer!


2 thoughts on “Helter skelter….

  1. What a bountiful garden! Everything looks great, even though your corn came in miniature. Glad you can relax now that the visit is over. Enjoy what remains of your summer.

  2. Wow!!! What a fun harvest!
    I answered some of your questions on the comment section of my blog. I just popped over to visit you. I love what I’ve seen so far and will visit a bit more later. Have a great mornning!

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