A gorgeous moth….

We saw this moth on the stairs of our barn. I had decided it was time for the upper room of the barn to be cleared out… it is the boys playroom and my husbands office, and .. well you know.. out of sight, out of mind. But it was time for a clear out and clean up. Baby toys down to the yard sale pile, dust bunnies rounded up, reorganized and tidied.. that sort of thing that mothers do best.

And on our way up, we saw this huge moth. I have no idea what kind it is.. must dig around a see if I can name it. (Updated to add a link: It is a moth from the Saturniidae family, called an Imperial moth! ) But the younger 2 boys were very enamoured of it, and took lots of photos with their digital cameras. Actually, they also took them with mine as well… remind me to tell you about the Lego project this week, and why the cameras have all been maxed out! But I digress…

Middle brothers hand on left, youngest on right.

Once many photos of the moth on the barn stairs had been taken, it was so tempting for the middle son to try and get the moth to sit on his finger, and the moth was very obliging. Once the oldest had his turn, the youngest wanted the honor as well. And carefully, older brother handed moth down to younger brother.

I love that so far, we have managed to foster in each son, the ability to love and nurture the brothers that they have. They look out for and take care of each other. I hope it remains ever so…

Once the holding was over, the moth chose to act like an accessory.

Thank you moth, for the visit.


One thought on “A gorgeous moth….

  1. Beautiful! I’ve loved moths ever since reading “Girl of the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton Porter. (It’s one of my very favourite books)

    Yours really is a beauty!

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