Thinking of winter….

The nice thing about where we live is that there are 4 true seasons, but most years, none of them are ever over long or severe. So, while it is summer, and most days are hot, there are also pockets where the dew point drops and 89 degrees doesn’t feel so hot. And some days, like today, it was mid 80s… pleasant breeze, no humidity, comfortable to be outside.

And when that summer day falls on a weekend, it means only one thing… time to get the wood done.

The man about the place
The man about the place

We heat the house with the wood stove for the most part. And that requires a lot of seasoned wood. Which requires a season to season, if you know what I mean. You must always be looking to the future with wood. So when someone is clearing wood for development, or because they are afraid the trees may come down in a storm on the house, or whatever other reason, my father in law, and the man about the place, are likely to ask if they want the wood. Which is how dumptruck loads of logs often find their way to our field.

From there, the man about the place saw them up with the chainsaws… we have several, of different sizes. And then we split the wood… sometimes the old fashioned way. The older 2 boys are also able to do this… but when there is a huge quantity, we do it with the splitter.

Oldest and youngest
Oldest and youngest

The youngest always gets to run the splitter, sending it up and down as needed. The oldest gets to be in charge of splitting the logs.

The middle son is gofer… he rolls the logs for dad to saw, or brings the logs for brothers to split, or stacks the logs on the trailer to be driven to the wood pile. I am another gofer when I am A) not taking photos or B) not bringing cool drinks or snacks or C) working on lesson plans in the house.

And that is how this:

Soon becomes this:

They actually got farther than this.. but I went in and worked on lessons after giving them 45 minutes.

Our reward, watching the Olympics. We are not a TV watching family. But we are also not TVless. We just choose to watch consciously. Last night we went out for Chinese food with friends, then came home and gathered around the set to watch the Opening Ceremony. WOW.. what a spectacle… and what interesting conversations about geography and history and ethics and war,… a real learning experience.

So tonight there will be more…. sportsmanship, endurance, perseverance… and simply enjoyment after a hard working day.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of winter….

  1. I’ve been behind in reading the blogs I enjoy. Today I had some time and caught up on yours. I particularly enjoyed the post about the moth who visited and the brothers. Our 3 sons were close when they are young. They are young men now and still best friends though they live far apart. We traveled to your state to visit our eldest this summer. Thanks for the beautiful posts that have brightened my day.

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