Back to work….

Today I will be busy getting ready for the work week… laundry and cooking and cleaning and lunches… Tomorrow the eldest and I set off for a new year of school. The younger children will start on Tuesday. And today, the new school year started at church, so we were up early for that.

But today, before the summer ends, I need to get to the garden:

Fall planting...
Fall planting...

Spinach, lettuces, chives, rocket, etc…all going into the ground for the fall garden. The tomatoes are also coming off thick still… so I need to make another batch of sauce today.

Tomorrow is also my 18th wedding anniversary... it has been a lovely 18 years, full of highs (travels, our children) and lows(layoffs, babies lost, crohn’s disease) and busy times and calm times. You just don’t realize the truth behind pledging to be together in sickness and health, richer and poorer, in good times and bad, until you have lived them. Last night we ate together at my favorite Japanese restaurant and then enjoyed the company of some friends and grown up chat, and then a favorite movie. After the hectic summer, it was lovely to reconnect, and I am looking forward to another 18 years.

Now, to hopefully get my mouse fixed so writing posts is not so tough. Off to plant.


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