Same song, second verse (From August 19th)

My middle son was born 3 years and 5 days after my first son. So we have birthday week at our place. The middle son turned 12 on August 19th… Of my three boys, he and I are the most alike… we are both very bookish and academic, lovers of nature and science, and happiest when curled up with a good book. We both have curly hair and the same sense of humor. We are also both reserved and it takes a bit to get to know us. But once we make friends, we are very loyal.

He also has several talents I do not have. He is naturally athletic, and enjoys baseball and soccer and cross country running. He can climb tall trees. He is level headed and rock solid.

Each boy gets to choose the dinner on their birthday and he always chooses this salad: pecan crusted chicken sliced on lettuces, with honey mustard dressing and goat cheese. SOO yummy!

He asked to have his presents hidden, scavenger hunt style, rather than sitting on the present table in the morning. So I wrote riddle clues, and he enjoyed hunting things down, including his birthday cards.

And for the final finish, he wanted a strawberry swirl cheesecake. We chose one with a brownie base crust, and then pureed strawberries in half the batter. Here it is about to go into the oven, and you can find his name swirled in the batter, along with hearts. It baked just like that, so it was pretty when it came out. We did top it with strawberries when it was served.

One thought on “Same song, second verse (From August 19th)

  1. Robin, can I come over next time you serve that chicken? Looks so beautiful, and I love the swirl cheesecake! Wishing you well as you dive back into school…

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