In the path of a monster….

Hurricane Gustav is much on our minds this weekend. My parents live on the Gulf Coast, and being that my mom is paralyzed, leaving and moving somewhere else is not an easy task. They rode out Katrina, and Rita…. and they will ride out this one. If Gustav follows the path of Katrina, then they will be fine. If it veers a bit more to the west, they could be less fine. We wait and see.

A friend from college, battling cancer for the past 9 years, seriously ill this summer, had a last ditch effort operation that took her from her home in central Texas to a hospital in New Orleans. She has been in the ICU there for close to 30 days now. No word yet if they moved her, or not, if her husband is with her, or with their 5 children in central Texas. It must be the worst time for them right now, waiting for the storm to come ashore and do its thing.

And other friends, dear and loved…. leaving NO for Baton Rouge….with young children in tow. Living on Lake Ponchartrain in a home they had to rebuild from the ground up last time…perhaps in the mobile home they lived in while they rebuilt. Friends we stay with when we drive through, eating wonderful New Orleans food cooked by a good ole New Orleans man…We are thinking of these families, and holding them in our prayers, as they scatter to safer and higher ground. Hoping that the forces of nature are kinder this time. But knowing that a monster is lurking in that Gulf.

And as the anniversary of Hurricane Fran comes around next week, the worst hurricane I have been through.. destroying all our old neighborhood, we watch another storm brewing… it may be same song second verse for us as well…

Praying for all in harm’s way…

2 thoughts on “In the path of a monster….

  1. Hope all is well with your friends and family. We are still waiting to hear from my husband’s nephew and his wife, who live just north of New Orleans.

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