Football weather….

The man about the place has headed to the wilderness with the older boy for a boy scout campout. This involved a handoff of younger brothers who had been playing at friends houses due to a half day at school. He dropped the younger 2 off with me at school, and I sent the oldest with him.

I spent another 45 minutes working in my classroom, and then we needed something fun for the evening. We had a homegame tonight, so I told the boys we would go for a while. We headed home, where the animal chores were done, lunchboxes emptied, a load of laundry thrown in the wash, and the middle son packed for a campout tomorrow. Then we headed back to school, and settled in to watch the game.

SWEATERS!!! The fall chill is in the air, and we needed sweaters tonight as the sun set. And it was more than obvious how much earlier the sun is setting these days. Autumn is truly on the horizon.

We stayed through the first half and the halftime band performance. We were up 13 to 7 when we left. It irked the boys very much to head home, but we do have to be up early tomorrow to get the middle son to his campout. So back home we went.

Now, every time the home team scores, they fire off a cannon. Which, because we live a stone’s throw from the school, sets our dogs off. And tonight’s crisp clear air has the sound from the cannon traveling swiftly and easily to our house. We have heard it 4 more times…. 2 were very close together, which indicates touchdown and extra point. But the other 2 have been far apart. Touchdowns? Who knows. And who knows what the other team has done, since they don’t shoot the cannon off when they score. But there are 2 happy boys, upstairs trying to get to sleep, hearing the cannon occasionally setting off..dreaming of home team victory.

A fun way to end a busy week, and a wonderful feast for the senses of the autumn to come.


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