Nuts…..part 1

The work load has been heavy. I feel the need to chuck it all, screaming. When I reach this point, it is time to get outside and take a breather. So I walked around the yard this weekend, and noticed all the signs of fall.

When we moved from Texas, where I had lived for 24 years, I revelled in the change of seasons here on the East Coast. That pleasure exists still today… wondering in the brilliant colors of autumn, enjoying the crisp evenings even when the day was warm. I love this climate.

We are blessed to be surrounded by great trees here. And this leads to a problem. This summer, the middle son and I built a pond as a water feature to attract birds and such. All summer it has delighted us. And now we have quite the family of frogs… some invited, as in the bull frogs that were collected as tadpoles and placed in the pond. And others just joined in. Large and small… tree and leopard…. quite the little ecosystem. And I love it.

When we built it near the front porch, we knew we would have a problem, but we wanted to be able to sit and watch it from the house. So we pushed thoughts of the issue we would have out of our minds.

Until this week. Thump….. rumble….drop. Familiar sounds of fall on our metal roof.

All over the front yard, these pesky little signs of fall.. food for the squirrels and food for the deer. And if they are falling, something else will be falling soon too…

Take a look at what surrounds our pond.

From the drive, looking at the house. The pond is the white netted area.

This tree is mammoth, and close to the pond.

So, what to do? We could fish leaves and acorns out of the pond all fall… or we could cover the pond. But how to cover and still allow air and rain and sun in for the plants, and a way for frogs to get in and out?

We are experimenting with good ole tulle… 77 cents a yard, 72 inches wide. Hopefully, this will work, although the middle son will have to relieve it of its covering of leaves and nuts on a daily basis once the trees really let go.

So, nuts… acorns that is.. are falling. But they are not the only nut issues we have…. stay tuned!


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