A day in my life for October….

6:15 – alarm is going off

6:50 – we finally drag ourselves out of bed. Oops….With the cool weather here, being buried under my Nana’s fat blanket means waking up is hard to do. The sun is also missing in the morning now.

6:50 – begin the family dance that occurs with 5 people, one bathroom. I shower and dress and the man about the place makes sure the children are making their lunches while he cooks oatmeal or eggs. He also makes me a thermos of tea. When I vacate the bathroom, the children file through with teeth brushing and such, and I go make my lunch and start dinner prep – baked potatoes on Tuesday, because it is Boy Scout night and we need something that can cook before I get home. So I scrub the potatoes and the youngest pricks them with forks and I set the delay start and put the in the oven.

7:20 – brush teeth in front of computer to see if I have any news of my friend. She made it through the night.

7:35 – begin carrying books out to car. tiptoe past small pond so I can see the frogs.. love those frogs. big ones and small ones. they see me, and dive under the water.

7:40 – goodbyes are said, everyone is wished a pleasant day, and the oldest and I set off for school.

7:45 – unlock the door to my room – fill in a teacher absent at yesterday’s faculty meeting with all the news – start computer, set up smart board, write days agenda on board.

8:00  – meet with algebra teachers to discuss upcoming lessons and results from meeting yesterday.

8:35 – wrap up meeting as bell rings, begin greeting students, and stand in hall as monitor.

8:45 – announcements, roll call, check homework, class one begins. Algebra. graphing.

10:20 – class one finishes… .run to copier and make some copies for an absent student. return phone calls and emails.grade papers. make a key for a practice test. write a recommendation for a student going to uni next year… make list of all the things I did not have time to do but needing to be done at home this evening.

12:00 – class two begins. geometry…. trapezoids and kites and such.

1:30 – bell rings for lunch. finally. eat with coworker in work room. discuss children, politics, classes, life. nice break.

2:00 – class 3 begins. back to algebra. more graphing.

3:45 – bell rings. students go home. son arrives in room and we chat about his day. run things to office. another coworker asks how life is going…. seems the stress is showing… stress showing for him too…we discuss why things have been so odd at school… life everywhere unsettled… feels good unburdening some.. .we resolve to improve our ‘tudes and keep up the good fight.

4:15 – turn out lights and head home – early on Tuesday because of scouts.

4:20 – home… smell potatoes baking away. clean up lunch things. wait for dh to get home with smaller boys from track meet. check for mail. walk around my house to clear head. check for news of friend… still hanging in there. praying she is comfortable. wondering what I should be praying for.

Which brings us to now. Evening will be helping oldest with homework, then cleaning from dinner, and getting to the to do list I made earlier. Checking my email for word of my friend. Praying without ceasing for her and her family. Maybe watching the news at 10 or maybe going early to bed so I can wake at 6:15 tomorrow.

But now, at this moment, taking a deep breath….


2 thoughts on “A day in my life for October….

  1. I remember well the 5 people/one bathroom mornings. My oldest daughter who had the before-dawn paper route, always had priority, then my husband, me, then the two youngest.

    May your friend have a peaceful journey. I lost my mother when I was eight, and I have always hoped that it was easy for her at the end.

    Hope you have a relaxing evening. It sounds like you have had a very busy day.

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