Drawing near the hearth….

When life goes wrong, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa near the warm fire. A warm cup of tea as a companion. This has been a weekend for drawing near the hearth.

A professor from the college I attended along with my friend who passed away, began her response to the news that my friend had passed with this phrase:

Well done, good and faithful servant….

What a beautiful thing to say about someone’s life.  It was exultant.. joyous…congratulatory. For my friend, a wonderful and exciting new journey has begun.

That juxtaposition between joy over the new journey, relief the pain and suffering are over, and sadness for what is means to those dear to her on earth, is such a crazy mix of emotions.

Our first frost is predicted for tonight. All the tomatoes, green and otherwise, peppers, basil, cosmos were brought in. The first fire was built in the woodstove last night. Sweaters were donned, wool socks brought out, flannel sheets retrieved from attic storage. We are turning inward.. family all inside as the darkness arrives earlier and earlier. A time of pause and reflection, and sitting by the fire. And my thoughts have been full.

Next week… Nuts, the last chapter.

One thought on “Drawing near the hearth….

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Having been motherless since the age of eight, I will keep the children in my thoughts and prayers. The milestones of life are especially hard without her there.

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