All Saints Day….(written a while ago now…)

One of my favorite days of the year! ON this day, many years ago, I lost one of my grandfather’s. And a few years before that, my great grandfather. I aways thought it was an appropriate day to move forward.

Then in 2000, I was preparing for the birth of my third child. FINALLY… after 2 healthy children, came several years battling losses at 15 weeks of what should have been healthy babies, and then fertility issues. This final pregnancy had not been smooth. A large fibroid blocked the exit, and a c-section was going to be scheduled. Not exactly a thrill to me.. had been hoping and planning for a third all natural birth. But it was what it was… and week after week I was monitored for what seemed the longest pregnancy on earth.

When the doc finally decided it was time, Nov. 1st was the day chosen. I thought it was an appropriate day to bring forth a new life.

All Saints Day – the bridge between new life on earth, and new life beyond…special to me.

So today, we are celebrating a birthday…when the church newsletter came last week, with the November calendar on it, the birthday boy to be was excited to see the November on it. As a new reader, he eagerly read the info listed for Nov. 1st, which included the notation of All Saints Day. He sounded it out carefully, read it several times out loud as if puzzled, and then proclaimed loudly.. “Ah yes, All Saints Day because I am ALL Saint!”

Hahaha.. that one has a sense of humor.


Birthday table set up and gifts on the sideboard.

img_5461A birthday cake of gingerbread blueberry spiciness, with sugar on top. Ordered by the birthday boy.

img_5485The center of attention, with 2 older brothers doting on him. Lucky child.


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