The wind and rain had done their job and this is what I saw…..

Yesterday and today (Sat and Sunday now… delay in posting again) have been grey, rainy, blustery November days.

Remember last week, the big tree in the front yard?

img_5519Well, it has a friend to the left of it…

img_5524And several cousins across the driveway… maples, pecans, willow oaks, chestnut oaks… no lack of trees on the property.

Lots of fun with leaf piles.

But today, the yard looks like this, just a mere 7 days later.

img_5650 img_5651


The wind continued to scour the yard, and many of the leaves have been blown into history. The chestnut trees way behind the house have had their leaves scattered all over the front yard. The gusts late on Sunday afternoon were really fearsome. As I carried laundry in and out of the house, the wind would try to carry away the top layers. I had to run in with the basket, and then run back out and collect the stuff I had lost.

There are still plenty of leaves left though, to rake out of flower beds and off of fences. But Old Mother West Wind did try to give me a hand, as she and the merry little breezes danced through our yard.

2 thoughts on “The wind and rain had done their job and this is what I saw…..

  1. Through the years, I have noticed that our trees are always bare by November 17th, which is my daughter’s birthday. It held true again this year. Winter’s coming!

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