With Thankful Hearts….

I am thankful for the day off, to prepare for a day of Thanks…

img_5747 Thankful for grandmother’s sage advice to always start a stint of cooking with a full sink of soapsuds.. clean as you go, and you will survive the marathon better.

img_5746 img_57491 Thankful for small people in my life, cheerful helpers, smiling faces.

img_5750 Thankful for chickens in our yard, that share lovely golden goodness with us every day.

img_57551 Thankful for tried and true favorites, like the best pie crust ever, from this little gem of a book. Vinegar and egg required, but so tasty and flakey. img_5754

img_5760 Thankful for a childhood filled with people who taught me to be useful. Girl Scouts was a great place to learn new things, like how to bake bread. I still have the recipe, written in a 4th grade hand, that I learned then. We prepare it with a salt crust, and the loaves will be gone before we can blink.

img_5764 Rising on the hearth img_5774 img_5775 img_5778

Thankful for abundance…

img_5766 img_5767 img_5770 img_5771


Thankful I don’t have to make the entire dinner, just pie and bread.


And even then, the middle son baked some of the bread:

img_5779 img_5780

I am thankful to be alive, to be in health, and to have my family around me. I am thankful we have work, and we have a home…

Wishing all of my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.. may you all have much to be thankful for this year.

We are off over the river and through the woods for a couple of days, to be thankful with the extended family.


2 thoughts on “With Thankful Hearts….

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone is coming over the river and through the wood to us this year….and bringing much of the baked goods. I’ve got the meal to make!

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