As much as I enjoyed the post a day Advent of last year…

this year I just have too much on my plate. This weekend alone is both the church’s Fest, to raise money for various parish social causes… and the school’s winter fest…to raise money for the school. And it is report time for my school, and getting to the last part of the semester, and then there is the annual holiday preparation business. Basketball season has started, so the middle son has practices and games. I could go on and on. With a teen and a tween and a 8 year old, a job and a home and hobbies, life can get very full.

But never so full that there isn’t some time for knitting.

Secret projects are going on all over the place, but I wanted this project done before the holidays began. So I knit and I knit and I got it finished.



This is the 1840 Nightcap from the Fall issue of Knitty. I knit this for my middle son, and boy does he look cute in it. He thought it looked like a cool idea. We made it of holiday colors, but mostly we made it because we live in a cold, drafty, 1914 house which we heat with wood in the winter. At 12, this boy is cool enough to think this was a cool idea, for keeping warm. My youngest son sleeps in a santa hat. They both wore these in the annual grandmother Christmas card picture which was taken at Thanksgiving, which is why there was urgency to my knitting. That, and the fact that it is cold.

I plan to make another… we did have some issues with gauge.. finding the right cotton that would work was hard, and so I tried to substitute, leading to something that is slightly too big. We ran some elastic string through it, to make it snug, and that seems to work. But I first tried to boil and dry it… to shrink it. Not much luck there, and it caused the red to bleed a bit. But it is after all for a 12 year old, who will turn 13 by the end of next summer – who knows how long he will wear it. I will make myself one, with pink and white instead of cream and red. And with smaller needles. After the holidays…

I finished up some more projects for the winter fest at my church. We ransacked the attic for moth eaten sweaters noone will wear any more, and felted the lot.

I repurposed some of them into these gloves, ala Martha Stewart.



img_5809 The gloves were fun to make. I put simple decorations on them, and made them asymmetrical so I would not have to match perfectly. The one sweater was a dark burgundy, but the color came out more red with my camera. It felted nice and thick. The other sweater had a lesser percentage of wool in it. So the mittens are a bit lighter in feel… but sometimes that is what you want in our variable climate.img_58061

So, Advent is a time of preparation. The mice in our house are scurrying and busy with many projects. Handmade with love has been a long tradition of several generations here…I was the recipient of lovely handmade dolls and clothes and dollhouses and furniture … and my mom before me, and her mom before her. Lovely crocheted edge handkerchiefs, knit socks and scarves and sweaters, hand made toys and birdhouses…It has never been out of fashion here, and has clearly been passed down to our boys who spent much of the weekend in their grandfather’s shop. Can’t wait to see what comes out of there!


2 thoughts on “As much as I enjoyed the post a day Advent of last year…

  1. Love that hat! My Mom knitted me a long stocking cap when I was in elementary school. I tried to convince my girls that they would like one and they looked at me like I had 2 heads! Our Winter Fair is this weekend as well. Lots to do….

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