Holiday tradition…

I realize the photos are very similar to the ones from last year about this time… but that is the wonderful part about holiday tradition. It becomes routine.


This year, the boys brought the boxes down from the attic, and they set about decorating. Dad did put the lights on, and he got the tree in the stand. And I assisted by finding hooks and unwrapping things from boxes. But they decided.. what and where. And for the most part, things are much the same.


But the best part of tradition, is making it your own. Taking the best of the old, and mixing it with something new. And so there are different silk cloths chosen for different areas. The nativity scenes have stables this year.

Figures carved by mother in law
Figures carved by mother in law

The Jultomten are on the sleigh, surrounded by summer’s lavender. The youngest has adorned the house with paper stars he learned to make this month at school.


And you know we will carefully untape them and store them for reuse next year.


The middle son decided our very full tree did not need lots of glass balls, so they stayed packed up. The youngest decided to unearth a Christmas tea pot after several years of non use….and I now have a Christmassy tea station.


And I decided to put all of the ancient crocheted red and green doilies on the bench the eldest made.. just because it looked so cheerful.

img_5883And who knows.. maybe next year they will be here as well.. and someday, someone will come in and say, “Hey, why didn’t you put the red and green doilies on the bench this year, like you do every year?”

Because that is how things become tradition.


3 thoughts on “Holiday tradition…

  1. I love the traditions of the holidays. It’s nice that you allow your sons to decide what and where things will go. Through the years, it’s been insightful to hear what my children, now all grown, cherished most about our Christmas traditions.

  2. My photos are going to look pretty similar to last year’s as well. Both girls really got into making paper stars–my dining room windows are covered with them. They are beautiful and I’ll be carefully tucking them away as well.

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