My sister is back in the hospital…

After a three month stay earlier in the year, she was home for awhile.. on meds, heart damaged, but home. This weekend she went back in…meds were making her ill they think. So they will stabilize her (rehydrate, etc) and adust meds and hopefully send her back home soon.

It is a tough time of year for a mom to be in the hospital. I can imagine how hard this must be, to feel so helpless. I also have several families in my heart, whose mothers and father will not be with them for the first time this year.

I will not complain about what I still have to do, because these are “want to do” things.. not earth shattering, essential to life things.. I will remember that life is meant to be lived deliberately, with respect for its fleeting aspect. I will treasure this time. It is a gift.

I will hold my sister in prayer. At this time, they are not wanting help…but I can pray.


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