Hope, Change and Peace….

I wrote these words in my holiday cards, and I have used them many times the last few days as I have wished friends and family a happy new year. They are the words I feel are important for 2009. They are a mantra of sorts, and perhaps even a prayer.img_1840

2008 is just about behind us. No major surgeries, no major health issues for the immediate family. Work okay and stable. We did lose my paternal grandmother, and 3 friends who were way too young, and we worried about my sister (who is better by the way). But all in all, we have been blessed with a good year. Other years have been tougher, so it is always nice to have one that just toddles along.

Now if we can just keep it going.img_2730

I have hope for the new year. I think new leadership will bring good things. And I have more immediate hope for my own job and family. I am hopeful the new semester will bring good students and good motivation. I am hopeful my oldest will finish his first high school year successfully. I am hopeful we may even build a new house. (Thinking about this one here)img_1698-1

These things will come with change. Change of students and classes. Changes in family rules as children grow. Changes in the way we live our lives and maybe where we live. And change is not always easy or pleasant, and certainly not something I am good at. I am most comfortable with things being the same, day in and out. So change, while it can be good, also makes me nervous.img_0086

And Peace. I hope the world will be a more peaceful place this time next year. Peace in individual families where job concerns and  money struggles currently prevail. Peace in nations torn by wore, by famine, by politics. Peace.img_1673

I am not sure how to make that sort of peace happen in a world wide sense. But I do know that by keeping my family running, and making sure we help our neighbors/family around us when called on, we will contribute to over all peace.img_1552

So, time to make some resolutions:

Health: Always important, and I am planning to continue to strive for better health for myself – eating, exercise. I made a start in 08, but at my age, this is now a need in terms of lifestyle rather than just a want. I need to keep myself fit and healthy.

Family: Continue to learn to parent a teen. This has been tough. Changing rules, changing rolls, deciding what fits for the family versus what society says is the norm. Forging a strong, loving and supportive environment, and rolling with the roller coaster that comes with it.

Home: Make progress towards building a new house. One with more than just the one tiny bathroom. One that is energy efficient and “green” and will be our house to grow old in.

Work: Try to reenergize myself and accept what I can do, and what I cannot do. Find the energy to keep going when I am feeling pessimistic.  To be open to learning, from my students, and from my mistakes.

Life: Embrace life. Move a bit from my hermit’s shell and experience things. Before I regret that I never did.

Hope, peace and change…3 lovely little words with great big wonderful meanings. 2009, I am ready for you!img_5717

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