How can it be the second week of January already?

This has been the swiftest month of my life I think.. I turn around and a week has disappeared!

So, where are we? We are knee deep in finals as far as my work life goes. This is a different kind of stress than everyday teaching.. grading the last stragglers papers in a hurry and remembering to update their grades; review sessions on top of full days of teaching; worrying about whether students have learned enough…rules and regulations and procedures to follow. I will be glad when the week is done.

This is also my eldest’s first run at finals. His comment after dinner today, was that he was more tired than he expected to be after just one.. he has three more to go. Negotiating the fine line between what we think is appropriate studying and letting him go with what he feels is necessary has been tiresome as well.

It feels like the middle of a marathon!

But it is not all whinging here.

Although the snow has missed us at every pass, the winter cold has not. This made it rather exciting when we ran out of propane over the weekend. (This was due to the fact that our old company sold our account to a new company in the fall and they had not yet worked us into a route…) We can warm the house with the woodstove, and do not use the furnace a ton… but a cold shower in a cold bathroom in a cold house…brrr. Fortunately, the company came out and got us going within hours. Hurrah!

Anyway, the middle son and I have just the thing we need for chilly indoor or outdoor work. He knit one of these Dashings for himself during the end of the school year last year. As I needed the leftover yarn to lengthen my brother-in-laws last year Christmas scarf, he needed to finish the second one.. but as he is a slow knitter, and BIL was impatient to get his scarf back.. I went ahead and knit the second one. Then I finished knitting Bil’s scarf extensions, and everyone was happy.


I knit 2 fetchings for holiday gifts, and finally decided that I needed a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. But I wanted something different. img_5704

My office/study/sewing room is at the back of the house where the wood stove does not reach, and my fingers are often frosty. So I am making a pair of Merletto mitts for myself from a lovely pale pink merino wool. They are scrumptious. One down, one to go.




So that is where we are in the new year.. knee deep in studies and trying to keep warm.


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