They have been hinting at snow for days….

So far, nary a snow flake has been seen.


The weather has been bitter cold…lows in teens and lower…2.3 one morning! So we have ice all the way across the pond, which began to melt some today as it warmed to 46!! But tonight they are promising another chance at flakes.

So, we have stocked up on groceries, because unlike Scattered Seed, who is brave enough to travel in all sorts of snow, even an inch requires we be housebound. So we have an ample supply of bread and milk. And goat cheese and cauliflower and other assorted foodstuffs.

The laundry shed has its heater installed… we have been battling frozen lines out there. So we have to line up hot water wash for the middle of the night to keep the lines open… our washer has a delay wash feature which helps this process out. But it means the sweaters and wool socks that keep us warm need to be washed during the warmth of the day when cold water can be used. So the laundry has been done and hung all over the family room near the wood stove.


Wood has been brought in.. and stacked next to the house.

King Winter is perched on his thrown.

We are snug and ready for the inch of snow we hope to see, lol.

And in honor of the event, I have knit some surprise mittens for the smallest of the house, who has worn old mittens through and outgrown others. The pattern is called Give A Hoot. I first saw them on WoolyHeaded’s website, and thought they looked like him. The pattern is for a woman’s hand, and at 8, his hands are tiny. So I took a chance and tried knitting them on size 4 dpn.. they are the right size.

img_6036So, now we wait. I wait to find out if I have to go in to work tomorrow.. Teacher Work Day, all the teens will be at home. And we wait to see if the younger have school. I am hoping we get the day off so we can sit here and sip cocoa, watch the INAUGURATION, and enjoy some coziness…but, as I said.. they have promised us snow for days, and nary a flake have we seen. And after all.. knitting new mittens seems akin to bringing in the wash and setting off with one’s umbrella.. a surefire way to ward off precipitation.


One thought on “They have been hinting at snow for days….

  1. I would send you some if I could, just for the novelty of it. This is definitely a winter as we haven’t seen for many years, but after six storms in as many weeks, we’re getting used to it.
    I hope you get just enough to give you a day off to watch the inauguration. I almost took tomorrow off too, for that reason, but will try to sneak a peak on a TV during my lunch break.
    Great mittens!

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