Valentines Day in My Life….

The last of the Day in my Life aday coincided here with a very busy and full St. Valentine’s Day.

We woke, and the man about the place took the older 2 boys to the Food Bank to earn some service hours with their boyscout troop. They were there from 8:30 – 3 sacking potatoes into smaller family size bags, sorting cans of yams and discarding seriously damaged cans, and whatever other tasks the food bank had for them.

I went to the grocery store during this time, getting all the for the coming week. I first had to make my list, and decide what meals I would make this week. It can be a complicated task, going through recipes and trying to decide what the week’s schedule looks like to match meals with time available for prep.

Returning from the grocery meant putting things away, clearing a dirty kitchen, and getting the family area cleaned up for Valentines evening.

img_6095The table was cleared of flotsam and jetsam from the week.

img_6096The youngest likes to help with decoration and set up, so he ran out to gather some of the first daffodils, ready for our traditional love vases… img_6101We finally got Love spelled correctly, lol.

img_6097There had been many cards and chocolates set out in the morning for each other..but this large heart was a huge surprise from one of my students.

img_6098And there were soem lovely roses from the Man about the place…

At lunch time we went to the younger boys school for their midwinter conferences and were glad to hear they are making good progress and doing what they should. We followed that by attending an 85th birthday for a neighbor of hours. The treat of the party, beside fellowship with friends, was hearing a famous local pianist play several beautiful pieces by Bach, Ravelle, and Chopin.

Then it was time to head home and have our own family Valentine fun.

img_61051I cooked a lovely Pasta dish for us – Penne a la Betsy a la The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

The eldest, hubby and I loved it. I knew the smaller 2 would not appreciate the shrimp, so they got their own version. I usually only make one meal for all of us, and everyone is expected to eat it or go without.. but on the day of Love, I tried to respect everyone’s tastes.


There was wine, and some baked brie and crackers, and a final finish of lovely cupcakes.


img_6106 img_61071 img_61203

And there was plenty of silliness with traditional Necco Valentine’s Hearts.. the youngest, who is just learning to read, loved them the most, handing out hearts with what he felt were appropriate sayings to everyone. And I love making sentences.


We wrapped up the evening with a Wii tournament and a new Wii game. We played Boom Blox... great fun for everyone! Such a lovely Valentines, with all my loves.

It was fun participating in a Day in My Life.. I did not always get an entry in, but I certainly always enjoyed seeing what women around the world were doing, being inspired and entertained by every entry I read.

Today it is back to prepping for the week… laundry, library books (checked out MiddleMarch by George Eliot after listening to it on BBC 7), some more cooking and cleaning. And there is that dreaded “S” word showing up in the forecast again.. I fear more disappointment is in store. I try to tell myself the chance is small and they have yet to get it right.. but always a little glimmer of hope flickers…


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