Several times this winter we have been told we would have snow… 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches… wonderful predictions that have all turned into absolutely nothing. Huge disappointments to students and teachers and young and old.

Wed last week we heard the “s” word used again. In spite of knowing better, teachers and students got a bit excited. Kids got anxious. Moms went out and bought bread and milk.

At first we were to expect an occasional flake Sat night… and then it was pushed off to Sunday morning. I managed to get to church and back though with nothing but drizzle. ALL DAY we refreshed the weatherbug and looked on the weather website and watched the radar… and all day they kept saying “Later” while we watched it pour. It rained all day. Rained heavy and steady, at 31 degrees. In and out to the laundry shed meant swimming through the yard. The big pond spilled over into the spillway, and the house walkway was awash. And it was all bitter cold rain.

We ate the brownies we made for an end of season basketball party that was called off because of the impending blizzard that did not happen. We went to dinner with friends as scheduled and left early to get home since the kids would have school the next day. Because even though it was now dark, it was still nothing but rain.

At nine I woke the small boys and showed them some sleet finally coming down, but that petered out too. And we went to bed at 10, tired with the waiting, and knowing we would need to be up early on Monday for school.

But at 11 pm we got the call that the school would be closed. And at 7 am we woke to children excited by this:









So today we are at home after all.. celebrating the man about the place’s birthday with lasagna and apple pie…catching up on laundry and other things put off by all the weather watching, and enjoying the peace and quiet that snow brings.

March came in like a lion….. wonder what the rest will bring!


2 thoughts on “Nor’easter…..

  1. Happy for you that you got your snow event. I know it can be exciting when it is the first or rare. We only had a dusting here in the middle of upstate NY.

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