A surprise…


15 has not been my favorite age. While I see wonderful glimpses of the man to come, and sometimes can still glimpse the boy that was, the day – to – day battle of making this particular transition has been wearing. But thank goodness there are glimpses of a light that could be at the end of the tunnel. It keeps us going a fresh and stops us from pulling out our hair.


One such glimpse has been watching him enthralled with his current cabinetmaking course at school. The Waldorf school he attended taught him some basic woodworking skills with the hands. This course at the high school level is full of amazing machines that stop faster than airbags deploy when a finger gets near the blade….high tech and amazing. The eldest has been exposed to woodworking through dad and granddad and good friend as well – so it is no wonder he chose to take this class and has enjoyed it.


This family friend recently dropped off a stack of woodworking magazines, and the eldest has spent endless hours absorbed in them. Asking if we like this or that. Discussing what he would like to build and where it would go. And then he conned his grandfather into letting him do a project in his basement, often the scene of Christmas projects and school projects. He has been down there (across the field from our house) working during free moments for the past couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I finally got to find out what he had been working on.


Any ideas?

img_6281 img_6328 img_6330


It is a lovely quilt storage/display rack!


I can display all sorts of lovliness on this rack, and will enjoy changing it out from time to time. Right now, I have no quilts that are not in use. So maybe I need to finish off some quilt tops. Or I could display some of my other favorite linens. Here, I have shown one strip of the Irish Chain I have been working on during the summers… and a hand tied scrap quilt my paternal grandmother made for me as a small girl. My sister had one that “matched” in that is was made with similar fabrics and looked much the same, but we knew exactly which one was our own!

I will be back later with more views and stories about handkerchiefs.


6 thoughts on “A surprise…

  1. As the mother of 14 and 16 year old boys, I hear what you say about how wearing that transition can be! But what a fantastic project for him to have made, it sounds like he really thought about what you would like.

  2. What a lovely quilt rack! He did a great job!

    I came to visit your blog after seeing your comment on “In These Hills” about Old Salem. I live near there so I was wondering if you lived close by…

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