Spring Break….

Spring break for me finally arrived. We had to add a day to the week due to the earlier snow day, and that meant the teacher workday ended up being on Monday of spring break. So in some ways, working that day meant the break did not really feel like a break. And the younger 2 boys did not have break last week. They have it this week. It was nice to be mom at home for a week, but I would rather have had them home as well.

A lot happened the last few weeks…. although time flies so fast it is hard to remember it all, and sometimes feels as if nothing is getting done. But here is a pictorial recap…

img_6343Being at home has meant some time for watching the birds… and there have been plenty. I kept the feeders well stocked in between lots of rain.. and on sunny days the trees were full of noise… seems quite a baby boom around here. The above photo is a group of cedar waxwings that joined us for breakfast.

img_6376Goldfinches and house finches and many other small birds have been here in droves…

img_6381And the bluebirds have a home in Cooper’s new birdhouse… right by the front door. They patiently wait for us when we go in and out, and we watch them through the window. There is a chikadee nest close by too. Every morning we put the dog beds out on the porch to keep them out from under foot, and several times I was able to watch a chickadee tugging hair out of the dog beds, a treasure for its new home.

From the front porch we can also watch the little pond we made last summer. It was nice to know the frogs all survived the winter in their new home. Can you see him?


Watching the wildlife, including the deer eating my tulips ,has also involved enjoying the early spring flowers.


img_6387 img_6388 img_63791

There has been cooking indulgence as well.. I made an nice Thanksgiving meal for April Fool’s… which was a fun treat. Turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a raspberry trifle which was inhaled.

img_6345 img_6346 img_6347

And there was knitting:

img_6357I am putting on the edging of the Tasha Tudor shawl…

img_6356There was house cleaning… not completely deep spring cleaning, but at least getting most of the dust and grime from the boys rooms, the living and family rooms, and changing out King Winter for Mrs. Thaw and the flower fairies.

img_6360There was baseball… although not nearly as much as was on the schedule.. it ended up being a very Novemberish week… more rain and cold and drear than sunny and light… the sun has come out today though, just in time for me to head back to work, sniff.

img_6382Easter grass is sprouted and Easter eggs are prepared for…

img_6355And there were errands run…. meds picked up, eye doctor appointments, bank trips… and picking up some lovely portraits done by a local photographer of my three loves. I actually won a photo shoot with her at school for Teacher Appreciation Week. We have a lovely family portrait of the 5 of us on our Alis Chalmers tractor in the front yard in the autumn leaves… and then these three were added on to my winning gift by the man about the place as a birthday gift. It was nice to have time to go and get them.

It ended up being a time full of ebb and flow… work and play, practical and indulgence… so a nice balance all around. The week ended with an assembly at the younger boys school, which I enjoyed, and the arrival of some vintage patterns from Iva Rose….

img_6390I love crocheted yokes, and have one from my grandmother that I turned into one of my favorite summer gowns. I used to love filet crochet, and thought I might make some more. Not to mention, I just enjoy thinking and reading about vintage needlework…


There are some possible changes on the horizon as well that have taken up a bit of time… but more of that later.

Happy Spring!

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