Weekend continues…..

  • Packed all available boxes, and wish I had more.
  • Finishing existing projects important – so I finished my Merletto Mitts, finally. A flaw in the cable on each one, but at least that means they are balanced, and confirms that I am human. Eldest son thinks I am not. (And not in a good way) Glad I have proof.
  • IMG_2649
  • Gardening must be done. Cleared out the leeks so I can start transplanting all my favorites from the beds around the house. Should have done this in the winter months, but things were still too uncertain. They are still uncertain, but if I wait later, the heat of the summer will be a bigger issue. We have rain forcast for the rest of the week, so that should help the transplants to get off to as good a start as they would get.


Drying dill from some of the million plants currently in my garden.
Drying dill from some of the million plants currently in my garden.
  • An abundance of spring eggs needed taking care of… brioche and pound cakes saved the day on that front.


I made homemade coffee flavored ice cream for the pound cake… the man about the place and I loved it… used expresso powder.. couldn’t sleep last night… jokes on us.

  • Continued tree clean up… there are piles to burn, piles to stick in the chipper, piles to split into firewood, piles of interest for turning, piles perhaps to mill….and after 2 weeks, it feels like we have not made much progress. But at least the weather is cloudy today.. muggy, but cloudy. Soon, it will just be broiling hot.




Time for lunch… tuna fish sandwiches with fresh dill…. and an easy Cobb salad tonight for dinner. And plenty more things to do in between!

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