Knitting Fun

There has been time for knitting at ball games and practices and in the late evening.


IMG_0048This is the BYOB bag from Knitty…. made of cotton, for use when shopping. The lace part was fun to knit, and overall, I think this was a nice pattern. I hate knitting the seed stitch.. I am just so slow at it. And I think my gauge is all off. I think it should be a tighter knit. I have that trouble with cotton. But, it will be serviceable and it is bright and colorful, if not as lovely as the author of the pattern’s bags.

See the specs on Ravelry.

Now on to something new….During teacher appreciation week at our school, the PTSO gathered a large number of baskets to give to the teachers… parents and local businesses donated to the baskets, and there was a large array of lovely things. Every day, teacher names were drawn and announced during the morning announcements, and we would get to pick out a basket. I got called, and this year I picked a lovely basket with yarn and EUCLAN yarn wash, and a gift certificate to my favorite local yarn shop. What a treat. So I am using the Twisted Sisters ZAZU hand print merino wool to knit a scarf… here is a preview, with more details on Ravelry…


You knit the 2 ends of the scarf first, then knit the middle until the yarn is almost gone.Stay tuned for more!IMG_0053


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