Last post for the weekend….

This spring the peonies and roses have been gorgeous… which is lovely, and worrisome at the same time. These plants need to be moved for the new house. We started last weekend with some of the easier to move plants… irises, bee balm (I have an old lavendar variety, and the traditional red variety) and lemon balm. But anyone growing these plants knows it is hard to kill them off. They will do fine. Moving the roses and peonies, at the wrong time of the year.. hmmm.  Not sure how that will go. But they gave their supreme effort this spring, which I have captured in all its glory. So, I redid the banner… out with the pussywillow and in with the peonies. And here are a few more photos for remembrance.





MMMM… the smell was luscious!


One thought on “Last post for the weekend….

  1. It sounds like you have a very full plate as the school year ends. Those are beautiful roses and peonies. I hope they survive the transplanting. I went out and took pictures of our flowerbeds this afternoon in case we lose anything to the anticipated frost.

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