The countdown is on….

There are 2 more days of teaching class… then 4 days of giving final exams, then a few workdays. We are now 2 weeks from summer holidays.

Besides the whirl of end of school activities and baseball tournament games we continue with the tree cleanup.

Here are some photos from last weekend:





The leaves were still green, the trunks were still long, and the middle section of the tree had yet to be attacked.

This weekend a great deal of work was done. Cut up logs were split. More of the leaves, which are now withered and brown, have been run through the chipper. The front path way has fresh wood chips as a result. And the midsection of the tree, which requires a mightly long chain saw, has been disassembled.. somewhat.

Here is the front yard this morning, after the father in law, the brother in law, and the three boys and the man about the place worked for several hours yesterday afternoon (between baseball practices, giving blood, baseball games). I was busy supplying iced tea, making dinner, entertaining the infant nephew, helping find things…but definitely the easier end of the deal.





IMG_0063Lots of work has been accomplished.. but lots left to do!

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