If you were stranded on a desert island (or a dessert island, either way)..

which cookbook would you take?

I have a large collection of cookbooks. Some are my mothers/grandmothers. Some I recieved as wedding presents at my kitchen shower. Others have found their way to me through gifts from inlaws, siblings, and children. Some have been gifted to me when others move or downsize their collection. And over time, I too have tried to cull mine and keep the collection under control.

It may be months before the house goes up, but with a short window of time available to me for summer play, I have already started packing up. My sister is still very ill, and I want to be able to be there if I am needed, or play with my kids, or prep my new course.. so all available time now is being given over to sorting through and a first run through of packing the non-essentials.

So which cookbooks do I pack, and which do I keep out? Sigh. This sort of packing actually takes a bit longer I think than normal packing. Becuase once I have sorted the keepers, the giver aways, the things I need to keep out, I make quite a mess and some need to be put back on the shelf. But it is a good way to neaten and cleanse, even if right now my house is a disaster.

IMG_0075There are actually three shelves of cookbooks here… the top one is not visible. The top shelf also contained all our Wildlife identifications books from trees to wildflowers to reptiles, as well as our crafting books for kids. Most of the contents are now in boxes seen in the last entry.


I decided to stick to a theme for the summer cooking… and chinese was not part of it. Well, not sushi anyway. I kept the wok cookbook out, and the little cookbook that has all our favorite ice cream recipes.. but sushi and southern living Christmas, and many other specialty cookbooks are now stored away.


The boys have a fair number of kids cookbooks too… The Redwall Cookbook and BHG Baking Book, and The Little House Cookbook.. as well as my own kid cookbooks from youth. I pretty much decided they could all be packed..the oldest is only interested in eating, the middle one likes to cook but can follow any recipe now, and the youngest still needs me to help, so I will help him. I did keep out the kid pizza book.. that will be fun with fresh summer veg and fruit and tomato wealth. And I kept out several of the kid craft books like Kitchen Science and BoyCraft… we will have fun doing.


It was hard to pack away some favorites.. I know the minute they are packed I will think of 10 recipes I needed from them. But I was trying to really be selective.

Stay tuned for cook book part II.


2 thoughts on “If you were stranded on a desert island (or a dessert island, either way)..

  1. I love to collect cookbooks and have a couple from my childhood too. It would be hard to know which to pack away. I don’t envy you having to decide.

  2. I also have a lot of cookbooks, but I only use 2 or 3 which have old family recipes in them. I now get the vast majority of my recipes off the internet. So….I weeded out in a big way when we were doing what you are doing and somehow have filled the shelf again with new ones 🙂

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