What a fabulous weekend….

There is a lightness to my being, in spite of being incredibly busy.

The weekend consisted of the usual things.. laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning. Enough to fill a weekend with. But as usual, there were baseball tournament games and birthday parties and end of year potlucks crammed on top. But it was okay. We flowed with it.

And there was time for a dip in the pond.. horseflies, boo hiss. Water in pond, a  trifle cool still. Bathing suit.. not a good look for me..but feeling weightless and floating and talking with my smallest son, worth it all.

And there was hard work as well… more tree work. It seems to be never ending.The storm had snapped another tall tree at its base, so we had a tree crew come and get it down because it had snagged in several other very tall trees. While they were here, they used their big saw to help take care of the big trunk. We measured the trunk, which is rather oval, and it is about 6 feet wide in its longest dimension. Here you can see the youngest lounging on the new outdoor furniture.

IMG_0066 And more photos of chunks of trunks…



And there has been more packing, because there has been more house planning. We have signed a contract and it is all in the hands of the bank now. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly there.


But, in spite of it all being same old, same old, I am feeling energized and vibrant. New house is part of it. End of term is another part. With one more week left of work I am feeling that eagerness to embrace being mom at home full time again. Getting some sun hasn’t hurt my mood either.. feels so warm and good, but not sweltering this weekend.

So a wonderful weekend, and hopefully that ushers in a wonderful last week of school.

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